Urban Armour Gear for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Urban Armour Gear is a modern protective case that offers decent and reliable protection without adding too much weight to your smart phone. It is available for several phone and tablet types, but mostly made for the iPhone, iPad, Surface and the Samsung galaxy series. Here we will be looking at the one made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

uag Note 4It comes packed in a nicely designed, easy to unwrap/unpack box. Transparency in the front so you can see exactly what you are getting; both the color and its wonderful design. It comes in five different colors  Aero (blue), maverick (clear), Navigator (white), scout (black) and Valkyrie (pink).

After unpacking we see a compact well designed and thought out case with a rugged and sort of basic to complex look. Its design fuses an armor shell made out of a hard PC material with an impact resistant soft core and has a feather light composite construction providing structural rigidity and all round protection for your device. The UAG case does not have a front cover, but has its own mechanisms of providing screen protection, including extending a few millimeters (1mm) above the screen (rubber screen surround).  The cases very much appear to have been designed with military use in mind. Therefore, it is no surprise that the urban armor gear cases certify to a military standard known as MIL-STD-810G 516.6 and are capable of protecting devices from damage even from drops of more than 4 feet. This has been tested and proven.  The test phones kept working fine after being dropped from high places.

It has a pleasant rubbery feel and a non slip honeycomb grip so you can keep a firm and good hold of it . It feels very comfortable and secure in your hand due to the soft textured rubber grip areas located symmetrically on the sides of the case. It has surprisingly low weight considering its size and thickness. The top and the bottom of the phone case is covered in rubber bumpers with reinforced corners and a rubber bumpers  going around the front edge of the display to allow you placing Note 4 face down without touching the screen. This bumper also has enough depth to accommodate any film screen protector or a typical tempered glass one.

It comes packaged together with a crystal clear High definition screen protector as an accessory also with a cleaning piece of cloth to further safeguard the Samsung galaxy Note 4 from scratches. This is an optional utility that you may or may not use. Here it’s your choice but is recommended due to the nature of slopped down edges. The included screen protector provides just enough coverage for the visible flat area of the display.

uag caseApply the cases starting at one of the corner and proceed to the rest of the phone, insertion is quite easy because  the urban armour gear cases are slightly stretchy, and you simply snap – or perhaps spring, given the rubbery material – your device into the case  and it will fit perfectly., removal can be slightly fiddlier given the tight fit hence will be very frustrating for those who would like to now and then swap their note 4 battery and/or Sim cards.

Urban Armour GearThe Urban Armour Gear case provides convenient  access to the screen and the phone ports keeping your phone fully functional, for instance NFC still functions after inserting phone in the case.

Beginning with the power and volume up and down buttons, those are covered for protection, easy to operate owing to a clever side cut out, physical separation from case body and have a nice hardware like design /texture to easily locate them just by sliding your finger. Even so the buttons are easy to push and you still get a  tremendous response when you use them. See image below.

uag samsung galaxy note 4At the top of your urban armour gear case , you get very generous openings  for all the ports including headphone opening to accommodate even oversized plugs. The speaker opening on the back is precise, and the camera/flash cluster has one common big enough opening with a black inner rubber trim to deflect  flash reflection and to provide an easy access to a sensor next to the flash enabling glare free flash  photos. See image below.

uag note 4 top viewAt the bottom, micro USB opening is also quite generous to accommodate even extra large plugs and allowing for mobility. The UAG case makes sure not to block any of the openings at the bottom of the Samsung note 4. The stylus-pen opening also seen here is quite large and easily accessible. See image below.

uag note 4 bottom viewStylus-pen opening is wide enough hence easy access even with your thumb, and it also still has a good corner protection around that area; see the raised edges around it. This makes sure that there is no struggle when reaching for the pen unlike with other cases that do not give enough space for the stylus pen which can be frustrating. See photo below for a closer look.

uag stylus pen openingWhen it comes to the microphone openings at the bottom urban armour gear case accommodates both openings even in those note 4 phones that have a slightly shifted left microphone (Verizon).

The case offers a lip on the front (and obviously the back) so when you want better volume from the device you put it face down. If you look at the speaker though, there is a hole for it that is surrounded by a ridge that allows the sound to not be muffled and it actually sounds almost as good facing down with the speaker up in the air! Therefore has a perfect opening for the speakers.

In addition to the tough composite construction, it features skid pads on the bottom and top corners of the back of the Urban Armour Gear case that keep the phone leveled. See image below.

In overall UAG for note 4 is a good case and is capable of providing adequate protection for the note device but has a few disadvantages including the hassle of trying to remove it as it tightly fits.

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