Maxboost vibrance case

The Maxboost Vibrance series are a series of colorful phone cases that will make you stand out. At this point, I will like to say that if you’re not a fan of colorful cases, you might want to stop reading and move on.

maxboost vibrance casesI will start with the most striking feature of this phone which is the carpet-like inner surface of the phone. It is a soft microfiber cloth cushion with a very luxurious feel. The good thing about this anti-scratch microfiber layer is that it you don’t have to worry about getting abrasions and scratches on your phone from repeated fixing and removal. This feature is quite unique, and not very common with generic phone cases.

Another unique feature of the case is the 2 part design. The top and bottom and separable and most times come in separate colors. The bottom part is removed to allow the phone slide in and then replaced. This is a bit unconventional as the firmness of the bottom layer can’t always be trusted. It does come with some advantages though.  Easy to remove bottom  part makes it easy to plug in a variety of devices. So if there’s a plug that would fit through the case, the bottom layer can be pulled out opposed to pulling the whole phone out of the case.

The openings to the 3.5mm jack and lightning cable port are wide and look like they could allow a wide range of plugs. The speaker grill is also well opened to allow smooth travel of any sound you phone makes and avoid muffling.

The buttons don’t look like they are made of the best quality. They have a firm, plastic feel about them that just gives the impression that they might come off anytime. This goes for the power and volume buttons. There is no button on the case for the mute button so you have a dip, you finger in through the case to press it and this might be slightly uncomfortable, especially if you have big fingers.

The Ultrathin design is a plus though, as the vibrant case only adds about 1.8mm to the overall thickness of your iPhone and that is really small. The lip is quoted at 1.0mm and that is quite small. The lip is the outer edge in front of your phone and at 1.00mm, it would protect your phone from smudges when placed face down on a surface, but is unlike to give any protection if it falls flat on the screen.

In summary, the sacrifices protection for elegance. So if you’re not a clumsy person and are unlike to drop your phone and simply need a case to make your pone look good, then this is definitely the case for you.

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