Maxboost designer slim cases

Why buy a designer smartphone case? Why pay extra for a phone case just because it’s unique and personalized? If you ask these questions and then this article is what you need to change your mind.

maxboost designer casesDesigner cases are about making a statement, it’s about telling the world ‘this is who I am’, it’s about having your own unique and personal case. It’s also about putting the issues that will affect the phone in mind when choosing a phone case.

The Maxboost has a series of designer phone cases for the iPhone 5 and 6 series that try to marry elegance with practicability and I’ll attempt to give my opinion on the cases.

The Maxboost designer smartphone cases have an ultra slim design that is made to add minimum bulk to your phone. As is found in other Maxboost cases, the cases are designed to increase the thickness of the phone as minimally as possible, thereby ensuring the user doesn’t lose the slim phone feel. It also comes with an easy snap design so that the phone fits in perfectly.

In the cases for the iPhone 6 series, the top and bottom part of the case is free of the protective layers. This is a kind of a let down as it doesn’t offer much protection in those areas so that a vertical fall on either side could cause scratches or even dents. There is, however an upside to this as it means that the ports are open and can therefore allow a vast array of plugs.

The phone cases also have a very sleek feel about it. It is very smooth to touch and gives the impression that it could slip off from the hand.  Also the lip isn’t much raised, it’s actually about 1mm, and so your phone wouldn’t enjoy much protection if it falls face first, even on a flat surface. If it is placed carefully on a flat surface, the lip is just enough to protect the screen from smudges and scratches.

The designs are patterns are however very diverse and unique so that no matter your taste and preference, there is a case for you. It makes a lot of sense to add some complexity and color to phones as they come in plain designs and a unique design is what makes a phone stand out.

The Maxboost Designer cases come in a variety of designs, from flowery to art Deco, but don’t offer much by way of protection. So if you’re the clumsy type, this might not be for you, but if you insist on style over substance, this case, available at an official price of $19.95 on the official site is very good value money.

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